Here are some simple tips to help you avoid this.

The Ministry of Reintegration of Ukraine writes about this. 

  • Start electrical appliances in turn.

    For example, first charge your phone, and after half an hour - turn on the washing machine.

  • Buy only certified electrical appliances from licensed sales outlets.

    Use them according to the instructions.

  • Control the use of heating devices and generators.

  • When the light goes out, disconnect boilers, washing machines, electric heaters, electric stoves and kettles from the network.

    This way you will protect the equipment from breaking.

  • Do not try to intervene in the electrical panels of houses yourself.

We will remind, earlier the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko warned that in case of new powerful Russian shelling, the capital may be left without electricity, heating, water supply and drainage.

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