How to clean fish with boiling water 

Probably the easiest way, which not everyone knows about.

The fish should be scalded with boiling water so that the skin does not fall off along with the scales.

Put the fish on a covered table.

Run a knife or fish peeler along the fish carcass from the tail to the head, against the growth of the scales.

The scale will come off without flying all over the kitchen.

How to clean fish in water

Soak the fish in cold water for 15 minutes, which will soften the scales.

And so that the scales do not scatter all over the kitchen, clean them with a knife without removing them from the water, moving from the tail to the head.

In this case, the scales remain in the water.

How to clean fish with a grater

With the help of a grater, you can clean any fish from the scales.

It is convenient to use a large grater for this.

Large husks are cleaned precisely with a grater, and small ones traditionally, with the help of a knife.

How to clean fish with an iron sponge for dishes

Very easy.

An iron sponge for cleaning dishes is a good option for cleaning fish from scales.

The sponge easily copes with both large and small scales of pike, perch, zander.

Cleaning river fish from scales with a spoon or fork

The fish is processed quickly and the kitchen stays clean.

How to clean - put the fish in a bowl, pour water to just cover the fish, take a teaspoon and start raking the scales from the tail to the head.

The scales remain on the spoon or in the water.

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