People's Party legislator and Hsinchu mayor-elect Gao Hong'an was accused of being a senior congressional bill assistant, and because of his meritorious service in the auxiliary election, he will follow Gao into the city government with a nine-level confidential position.

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Gao Hongan resigned from the legislator on the 15th after being exposed

[Reporter Hong Meixiu/Hsinchu Report] Gao Hongan, a legislator of the People’s Party and mayor-elect of Hsinchu City, is involved in an assistant fee lawsuit. Today, this newspaper received news from readers that Gao Hongan went to the office after being elected and announced that he would resign on the 15th. He intends to deliver Those who have worked as bill assistants in the Congress Office of the Kuomintang and the People’s Party can ask her to recommend them, otherwise they will have to find their own way out. It is known among assistants that they have been unemployed since December 15th. Due to the auxiliary local elections, with less than a year of work experience, he will now join Gao Hongan in the city hall with a confidential post of the ninth grade, which has caused a lot of complaints among the assistants.

High office refutes rumors to be false and denies resignation on 15th

In response to these revelations, Gao Hong'an's office also issued a statement today pointing out that these rumors are completely unfounded. An assistant who lives in Hsinchu has confirmed to join the team of the Hsinchu City Government after an interview.

In fact, after Gao Hongan was elected, he had interviews with his assistants one by one. He thanked his colleagues for their hard work and service, and respected their wishes and future career development. Since most colleagues still hope to stay in Taipei to serve due to factors such as family or geographical location and the nature of work, they also express If it is necessary to recommend an introduction to change the runway, all can be proposed and will fully assist.

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As for the fact that Gao Hongan will resign on the 15th, the office also denied it, emphasizing that the contents of the revelations are all false.

According to the revelations received by this newspaper, because Gao Hongan does not want the work status of the office to be known by other members of the People’s Party, the assistants in the office may not be able to continue serving in the People’s Party, which makes the assistants at a loss and angry. During the ups and downs during the period, I kept asking the legal assistants to support the election in Hsinchu, and asked to write related questions in the Hsinchu area. I didn't expect that after being elected as the mayor of the city, they died in a cunning way.

However, one of the surviving assistants joined Gao Hongan’s team for less than a year. Because he knew how to please Gao Hongan, during the campaign, he not only received the salary of the Congress Office, but also did not enter the Congress Office for several months, claiming to assist the local election in Hsinchu , Now he will join the city government team as a confidential nine-rank rank in the city government, and criticize Gao Hongan for using the salary that the country gives to congressional bill assistants to support himself as a staff member of the Hsinchu campaign team, and even bring an assistant surnamed Ye who has less than one year of work experience. Entered the municipal government to receive confidential salary of the ninth rank.