A delegation of envoys from nine countries to Taiwan visited the Kaohsiung City Government.

(Photographed by reporter Wang Rongxiang)

[Reporter Wang Rongxiang/Kaohsiung Report] The delegation of envoys from nine countries to Taiwan gathered in Kaohsiung today to exchange views with Mayor Chen Qimai on education, industry and other multi-faceted issues. Speak up for Taiwan in the international community.

Taiwan’s allies visiting Kaohsiung today include Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the Republic of Palau, the Kingdom of Tuvalu, Belize, the Republic of Haiti, the Republic of Nauru, Saint Christopher and Nevis, and the Kingdom of Eswatini Ambassadors and officials in Taiwan, as well as representatives of Papua New Guinea in Taiwan and other diplomatic missions from nine countries.

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Chen Qimai first welcomed the envoy delegation to Kaohsiung, and introduced the latest development of Kaohsiung to the distinguished guests. He mentioned that Kaohsiung used to be a heavy industrial city and had the largest port in Taiwan. Qianzhen Fishing Port is also the largest fishing port in the Far East.

In recent years, they have been devoting themselves to new innovations, focusing on areas such as smart agriculture, aquaculture, and extreme climate monitoring and response. The agricultural types in Taiwan and Kaohsiung are also mainly small-scale, which is similar to the agricultural industries of allies, and they may work together to face Challenges posed by extreme climates.

He also mentioned that Belize was hit by Hurricane Lisa recently, and solemnly expressed his concern and condolences to Ambassador Candice Pitts of Belize, emphasizing that Kaohsiung City and Belize City are sister cities and will do their best to assist Belize City in disaster relief and recovery .

Today, the diplomatic mission also visited Kaohsiung schools for educational exchanges. Chen Qimai pointed out that the city government strongly encourages students to seize opportunities for international participation, and looks forward to cooperating with allies present in the future to introduce the wonderful culture, agricultural products and learning points of Taiwan's allies. For Kaohsiung students, let students know more about the vast world.

The AIA delegation not only congratulated Chen Qimai on his success in re-election, but also praised Kaohsiung's recent progress and achievements, and was optimistic about the future cooperation with Taiwan and Kaohsiung.

In addition to thanking the ambassadors for their affirmation, Chen Qimai once again thanked AIA for its long-term support for Taiwan in the international community. He also wished the visiting group to fully experience the enthusiasm, vitality and progress of Kaohsiung in Kaohsiung.

The delegation of diplomatic envoys to Taiwan visited the Kaohsiung campus.

(Photographed by reporter Wang Rongxiang)