Today, December 8, is the

day of memory of St. Clement

in the Orthodox calendar .

He lived in the 1st century and was born into a pagan family.

Once his father's brother wanted to seduce Kliment's mother.

The woman did not want publicity, so she invented that an angel came to her in a dream and told her to go to Rome for 10 years.

The husband then decided to let his wife and two younger children go, but Kliment, as the eldest, was left with him.

It is interesting that the younger children were also later separated from their mother and raised by different women.

In the future, they became disciples of St. Peter.

When 10 years passed, and his wife did not return, Kliment's father went in search of her.

He left his son alone.

The young man did not know what to do.

He wandered for a long time until he met the apostles Barnabas and Peter.

They baptized him and told him all about Jesus Christ.

Later, Clement met his parents, who also became Christians during their travels.

When his mother and father died, he served the Lord for a long time with faith and truth.

For this, the apostle Peter appointed Clement as the Pope of Rome.

During his life, Clement created many miracles.

He converted pagans to Christianity, helped the Orthodox to strengthen their faith.

In honor of the saint, our ancestors celebrated a national holiday on December 8 -

Klimiv Day


The church holiday of December 8 is the day of memory of the holy martyr Peter

Peter lived in the 4th century and was quite educated at that time.

He even managed the famous Alexandria school.

Peter was appointed a bishop for his pious life.

However, terrible persecution of Christians began at that time.

The saint could not bear the insults from the rulers, so he left the city and wandered for a long time.

However, he inspired his flock even from a distance — he supported the believers with the help of letters.

Peter accepted even those people who could not stand it, fell into the devil's trap and betrayed the Lord.

Then Arius appeared with his heresy, and Peter immediately excommunicated him from the Church, because he did not believe in false repentance.

The persecution weakened and the saint returned to his hometown.

However, the years of peace did not last long.

Emperor Maximian began to hunt Christians again.

Then Peter, feeling guilty for running away the first time, went to him and put his head under the ax himself.

Signs of December 8

Folk signs on December 8 / Photo: Pexels

  • frost is visible on the branches, and there are heavy snowdrifts on the streets - wait for a good harvest next year;

  • cumulus clouds appeared in the sky - there will be snowfall;

  • roosters began to crow earlier than usual - a thaw will come;

  • frost appeared on the dry grass - frost will hit.

What can't be done today

Among our ancestors there was a belief that on December 8 no one should leave the house.

Especially if it's already dark outside.

If you break this rule, the Higher Powers may become angry.

You should also not spoil the mood of others, even if you have a bad mood today.

According to the church calendar, it is recommended to spend this day in peace and prayer.

What can be done today, December 8

Any business you start today, December 8, is better to start on an empty stomach.

And all because in ancient times on these days there was a period when grain was threshed.

Therefore, it was considered wrong to work on a full stomach.

They usually sat down at the table only after dinner.

Believers should pray to St. Clement on December 8 and ask for well-being for their children, health and strength to survive the cold.

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