KMT Chairman Zhu Lilun went to Changhua City this morning to participate in the Changhua County Thanksgiving Tea Party, indicating that the KMT supports the anti-crime clause.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Congqiu)

[Reporter Zhang Congqiu/Changhua Report] Chairman Zhu Lilun of the Kuomintang participated in the Thanksgiving Tea Party in Changhua County this morning. Councilor Wang Hongwei participated in the by-election of legislators and put forward an anti-gangster appeal. Will Xiao Jingtian's background affect Wang Hongwei's election?

Zhu Lilun said emphatically that the anti-crime provisions of the Kuomintang are stricter than those of the DPP. He believes this is true and hopes that the DPP will work hard, but don't use squid smears to evade inspection.

The Legislative Yuan Democratic Progressive Party group is planning to promote the revision of the election strike law. Those who have been involved in "black, gold, guns, and drugs" and have been sentenced are not allowed to register as candidates. Taipei City left the legislator because of the election of the mayor of Jiang Wan'an, a legislator. A by-election is required for the unfilled vacancies. Wang Hongwei participated in the by-election of the Taipei City Legislative Committee, but slammed the underworld issue.

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Xiao Jingtian, who is both a member of the Standing Committee of the Central Committee and the chairman of the county party department, had a criminal record for murdering a policeman when he was young. Today, Zhu Lilun went to the Changhua County Party Department to participate in the post-election gratitude tea party. He did not directly mention Xiao Jingtian on this sensitive topic. But it shows that the Kuomintang supports the anti-gang clause.

Zhu Lilun said that in this Taipei mayoral election, the candidates, their families and the people around them will all be tested. This is also a responsibility to the voters. I hope that the DPP will not use such squid tactics to "drag" (meaning an excuse) Then avoid being tested. In fact, the Kuomintang has worked hard in the past few years. Our (referring to the Kuomintang) anti-gang clause is stricter than that of the DPP (emphasis added). He believes these are facts. I hope the DPP will work hard, but don’t want Use this to evade inspection and use this to discredit.

In addition, regarding the temporary cancellation of the Thanksgiving Tea Party in Hsinchu City on the 6th of this month, Zhu Lilun said that they arranged to go to Hsinchu City on the same day, and the arrangement on that day was Hsinchu County, and they did not temporarily cancel the Thanksgiving Tea Party in Hsinchu City on the 6th.

Chairman of the Kuomintang, Zhu Lilun, attended the Thanksgiving Tea Party in Changhua County this morning.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Congqiu)