Changhua Councilor Hong Bencheng.

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[Reporter Wen Yude/Taipei Report] The man Hong Bencheng was convicted of corruption before the election. He was sentenced to "exemption" by the Changhua District Court in 2003, but he was still convicted. After he applied for a leave of absence, the Supreme Administrative Court ruled to allow him to be a candidate, and he was successfully elected as a member of the Changhua County Council. As for this lawsuit, he requested to revoke the punishment of the Central Election Committee. The Taipei High Administrative Court believes that his appeal is still under the deliberation of the Executive Yuan. Therefore, his complaint was not legal and the ruling dismissed it.

The ruling pointed out that Hong Bencheng registered with the Changhua County Election Commission on August 31 this year as a candidate for the 20th Changhua County 5th Constituency County Councilor, but the Election Committee believed that he had committed corruption and was sentenced to be exempted on August 27, 2003. Therefore, there is a reason why candidates cannot be registered as candidates under the election strike law.

He refused to accept it, filed this notice, and requested to revoke the punishment of the National Election Committee for refusing to let him stand for election.

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Bei Gaoxing believes that because Hong Bencheng refused to accept the punishment of the Central Election Committee, he filed a petition on October 17 this year, which is still under consideration by the Executive Yuan. turn down.

may be contested.