People who are addicted to gambling have a lot of problems.

since the loss of property

family problems

became suspicious

trust each other

stealing property from home

to borrow from outside the system

This is an example of a gambling addiction…and it always starts with a “lie”.

Must accept the fact that at this time

"Thai people"

have a way to choose to buy.

"Government Lottery"

or the local language called


is easier, just at the tip of a finger, it creates dream numbers.

lucky numbers from sacred things

or beliefs

from a variety of applications

both of the lottery division itself

or even private

What is the proof of this hypothesis is the "income" of the Salak Division.

Based on 5-year historical data

from 2018 to 2022

, the Government Lottery Office

Bringing money to send income to the state increases every year from over 40 billion to 5.3 billion baht.

The Thai Rath Online Special News Team spoke to

Mr. Thanakorn Komkrit, Director of the Stop Gambling Network,

revealing that the problem of playing the lottery of Thai people

It is something that Thai society is familiar with.

because it has been with him for a long time

In academics, some parties view the lottery as

"Weak gambling"

or Soft Gambling because the frequency is not much

(underground lottery and lottery) thus causing not high impact

But... this story has objections.

“Because if you look at the tempting reward

very high paid

cause a high attraction

And see it as Hard Gambling This is a topic that is controversial around the world, so ask how heavy the situation is at this time, seen as "influential gambling" with most people.

Open numbers for lottery players and gambling

Currently, there are people playing the underground lottery.

and government lottery

or other gambling

from the research of

Research Center for Social and Business Development found that...

Government lottery 24,626,233 people, 8.3 percent

increase from 2019, underground lottery 19,273,068 people, 8.7 percent increase from

2019, foreign lottery 890,337 people

Mr. Thanakorn explains that both the lottery on the ground and underground

It is considered that there are people who gamble the most.

More than 20 million players gambled, while the underground lottery used to be a former champion, although the "government lottery" has more income.

But the underground lottery didn't grow less...

“Thai people like to play both things together.

by purchasing government lottery tickets

to hope for a big prize

buy underground lottery

hoping for a small reward

This is the behavioral trend of Thai people.”

The director of the network stopped gambling and continued to say that the significance of playing the lottery is playing foreign lottery.

Which numbers grew up to 1000% with the number of players 890,337

"Government lottery

Considered to have a thought influence on people.

Because Thai society cultivates that "gambling" is illegal.

And it's a bad thing, but when it's a "government lottery", it's legal.

not gambling

What had happened had confused people in society.

and question whether the lottery is gambling or not..?

Because the government is the dealer

But the underground lottery is illegal.

It all sounds like a contradiction.

The government said that the lottery was a gamble, etc. "

Chances of winning the 1st prize lottery = 0.0001% 

Director of Stop Gambling Network reveals that the lottery division has been considered a champion in sending money into the country for many years.

and increasing every year

while other state-owned enterprises

did not grow in an equal manner, especially in the last 7-8 years

Now the Lottery Division prints 100 government lottery tickets, each set of 1 million. According to the information printed on the back of the lottery,

there are 14,168 prizes

in 1 set, meaning

there is a 1.42% chance of winning per set of 1 million tickets.

If looking at the 1st prize, the person who has a chance of winning is 1 in 1 million tickets (sets), 100 million lottery tickets, meaning that lucky people

have a chance of winning the 1st prize at 0.0001% only. Last 3 digits, 4 prizes are at 0.4%, 2 numbers are at 1%

The reason why "lottery players" don't quit!

The director of the network stopped gambling, explaining why people play lottery or buy lottery tickets.

The number continues to increase because...

1. "products"

have a lot of 100 million cards.

2. "easy access"

both online platforms.

Or you can buy it at the general panel, anywhere there is.

3. “Advertising media”

affects consumer behavior.


because online platform

As a result, buying lottery tickets

increase in average per person

As for the issue of advertising, although the state does not advertise publicly.

But... there are indirect advertisements such as news of winners.

Because it reflects the hope of winning a prize, which is true 1 in a million is difficult.

But he showed that someone was right every time.

It makes me feel that someday it will belong to us...

The chances are very small, but people don't think about it.”

Problem Advertising media encourages buying lottery tickets.

When asked about the solution to the problem, Mr. Thanakorn admitted that right now there was no law to control.

Which, first of all, must admit that "gambling" is a type of product that causes impact.

It's no different from alcohol or cigarettes.

Therefore, it is necessary to limit advertising.

Some countries choose not to advertise private


except government ones

. Some countries do not allow advertising at all.

Some countries allow advertising during certain times and in limited areas.

Some countries do not involve sporting events..

“Regulation of the media about lotteries

There are universal principles.

But for our country, there is no direct supervision law. The Gambling Act does not cover the government lottery.

Symptoms of "lottery addiction" or "gambling addiction"

As for the symptoms of a lottery addict, it indicates the following... 

• Preoccupation with gambling

• Increase the amount of gambling more and more

• Play when you don't want to play

• When not playing

There will be feelings of restlessness and irritability

. • Play to avoid problems.

in order not to think about their problems

or because of feeling frustrated and uncomfortable

• when playing lose money

Want to keep playing to get back the lost money

• Lie to cover up your gambling.

When asked about gambling

• The money used to gamble is illegal

• Gambling causes problems in family relationships, society and work.

• Gambling addicts are often subjected to Donor's Mandate

“If a physical signal comes out

This is considered a gambling addiction.

For those who do not yet know

can go and evaluate yourself

which the results showed that

Someone answered that there are millions of Thais addicted to gambling from a random sampling of about 7 thousand people compared to the overall population.

which is considered a credible research.”

From the said questionnaire

It was found that most of the people who are addicted to gambling are online gambling, especially “football betting” while “lottery” is also addicted to 1 in 5 of the gambling that people are addicted to.

1. Online gambling

2. Foreign lottery

3. Football betting

4. Location- based gambling

5. Underground lottery

6. Government lottery

“If you look at the number of people playing the government lottery, it has a larger base, making it possible to calculate that there may be more than 5 million people who are most addicted.”

addicted to the lottery...until the house collapses or death

In the end, the director of the network stopped gambling.

Also raised 2 interesting example cases, the first of which is a housewife who has been addicted to underground lottery for many decades.

Called buying more and more until stuck from buying underground lottery tickets every 1st and 16th day, becoming more and more playing daily lottery, such as stock lottery

“With playing the lottery continuously for ten years (mostly addicted to the lottery, playing continuously for more than 5 years), when playing the lottery until becoming obsessed

It caused problems with the butler.

started not paying attention to the people in the house

The husband began to become addicted to alcohol.

Finally divorced, but still fortunate that this case has a community to take care of.

By successfully blocking his wife from playing the lottery

by separating from husband

Find activities to do, such as going to help the community.

when there is time to do something else

Makes me less obsessed with the lottery.”

Another case that used to be news.

that one father was heavily addicted to the lottery to the point of committing suicide

by leaving a letter of resignation about

everything is gone

The last installment played, very confident, throwing all the laps, taking the car, motorcycle, child to sell, but the end result was a fight.

people who are addicted to lottery gambling

Most of them are in a state of "depression" because "stress" accumulates when something stimulates it, leading to the end of life.

“Gambling should only be placed on entertainment. If buying a “lottery” for fun

To win like this is considered undamaged.

Only if playing the lottery with hope

Hoping to be rich.... Dedicated to the hope that will bring yourself to win the first prize like this is a belief.

"He was in the mud" because he did not adhere to the understanding of the truth that

“The odds are very low.

Hoping that you will be rich will change your life.

It leads to obsession and gambling addiction.”

Thai Rath online news team reports

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