Wu Nan was fined after parking on the red line. After he filed a complaint, the Academy agreed with him that the red line was crooked. We cannot expect the public to know clearly that the road section is a red line section and revoke the penalty.

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[Reporter Wen Yude/Taipei Report] The driver surnamed Wu parked his car within the jurisdiction of the Neihu Police Station in Taipei City, and was reported by the police for illegal parking.

The Administrative Litigation Tribunal of the Shilin District Court believed that what Wu said was correct, the red line was indeed crooked, and the public could not expect the public to know clearly that the road section was a red line section, and revoke the penalty.


At around 7:00 p.m. on August 1 this year, after Wu Nan stopped the car, he was found by the police to have parked the car within the red line in violation of the regulations.

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Wu Nan believes that the red line drawn at the parking place is crooked, and even the gutter cover is marked on it. The drawn position is obviously wrong, and if the red line is blurred or contradictory, the people will be at a loss.

The court explained that there was a red line at the place where parking was prohibited, and after the police arrived at the scene to collect evidence, the report was correct. Moreover, ordinary people can clearly judge that there is a red line at the place with the naked eye, and there is no problem with the punishment according to law.

The academy believes that Wu Nan’s parking place is a road with curbstones. According to the rules for setting road traffic signs and markings, the red line should be drawn on the front or top of the road curbstone. It can be seen from the photos that the red line is drawn on the ditch cover, which is not in compliance with the rules.

The academy pointed out that the red line is indeed crooked, irregular, and even mottled and incomplete in many places as Wu Nan said. There are also some red lines drawn on the gutter cover, which even exceed the limit of 10 cm, which is different from the general continuity and clear color. , flatness, and clearly identifiable temporary parking prohibition lines (red solid lines) are quite different.

The academy also pointed out that the red line was drawn by the city government in March this year, and it should not be mottled and irregular due to wind and sun for a long time. It can be determined to be caused by construction defects. The construction defects were blamed on ordinary drivers of automobiles and motorcycles, and the judgment was revoked.