The Nantou County Health Bureau reminds the public to wear light-colored long-sleeved underwear when engaging in outdoor activities, such as contact with bushes, to avoid bites.

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[Reporter Zhang Xiesheng/Report from Nantou] After the lifting of the ban on mountainous areas in China and the impact of the epidemic in recent years, more and more people like to go to the mountains and engage in outdoor activities such as mountaineering and camping. However, the Nantou County Health Bureau reminds the public to engage in outdoor activities If you come into contact with the grass environment, you should wear light-colored long-sleeved underwear, boots and gloves to avoid bare skin, and use mosquito repellent to prevent chigger bites and infection with scrub typhus.

According to the Nantou County Health Bureau, according to the monitoring data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the total number of cases of scrub typhus infection in China is between 350 and 500 each year. , with a medical history of liver cirrhosis and renal failure. Because shiitake mushrooms were planted around the house and there were weeds around, after contracting scrub typhus, he developed abdominal pain and fever, and even suffered septic shock during hospitalization.

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The Nantou County Health Bureau pointed out that scrub typhus is transmitted through the bite of chigger mites carrying Rickettsia. Chiggers will stay in the grass and wait for the opportunity to climb onto humans or animals passing by.

The incubation period of scrub typhus is about 9 to 12 days. Patients will have symptoms such as persistent high fever, headache, and swollen lymph nodes. After about one week of fever, red macular papules appear on the skin, and eschar usually appears on the bites of scrub typhus. important features of the disease.

Nantou County Health Director Chen Nansong appealed to the public to take personal protective measures if they come into contact with grassy environments when engaging in outdoor activities such as outings, including wearing protective clothing such as light-colored long-sleeved underwear, stockings, boots, and gloves. Tuck the trousers into the socks, and use the mosquito repellent approved by the government to contain DEET or Picaridin on the clothing and exposed skin.

In addition, after leaving the grass, please take a bath and change all the clothes as soon as possible to avoid chigger bites. If you have suspected symptoms, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible and inform the doctor about the history of relevant activities, or whether you have been exposed to grass, etc., and timely diagnosis, notification and treatment .

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(Provided by Nantou County Health Bureau)

Symptoms of scrub typhus infection.

(Provided by Nantou County Health Bureau)