Pro-Russian MP Maria Pirogova was killed by artillery fire in the city of Donetsk.

(picture taken from twitter)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine continues, during which many Ukrainians collaborating with Russia were arrested or killed. A pro-Russian congressman Maria Pirogova (Maria Pirogova) circulated on Twitter in Donetsk A video of the urban area being killed by artillery.

The Twitter account "@markito0171" posted a video on Twitter PO. It can be seen that the location in the video is a parking lot in the urban area of ​​Donetsk, Ukraine. Just as the two people in the upper left corner of the screen were walking towards the black car, the shell suddenly landed. The explosion severely damaged the black car, and one of the two people who were going to lead the car lay motionless in front of the car.

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"@markito0171" tweeted that "Russian collaborator Pirogova in the Donetsk People's Republic's parliament, shot and killed by artillery in downtown Donetsk."

Russian state-run media TASS also confirmed her death. Denis Pushilin, leader of the pro-Russian Udonist government Donetsk People's Republic (Donetsk People's Republic), said in an interview, "She is the embodiment of kindness." , help everyone, and never pass anyone in trouble.”

The moment when the pro-Russian MP Pirogova was killed.

(picture taken from twitter)