New Taipei MRT welcomes the soon-to-open Ankeng light rail. Today (8th) it is the first to reveal the new uniforms. It is expected to be fully refitted from January 1, 2023. The station staff and drivers are designed with the concept of military uniforms (1st and 2nd from the right), maintenance The team members (first and second from left) are short work jackets fully loaded with functions.

(Photo provided by New Taipei MRT Corporation)

[Reporter He Yuhua/New Taipei Report] The second self-built and self-operated Ankeng light rail in New Taipei City will undergo a preliminary survey on December 11. The New Taipei MRT Company welcomes the Ankeng light rail that is about to open to traffic. Today (8th) it is the first to expose the new The uniforms are expected to be completely changed from January 1, 2023. The station staff and drivers are designed with the concept of military uniforms, and the maintenance crew is a work jacket with full functions. It is hoped that it will have both a professional look and a fashion style, and bring passengers a new experience.

The Ankeng Light Rail is expected to conduct a preliminary survey by the Municipal Transportation Bureau on the 11th, and then report to the Ministry of Communications for survey based on the results of the preliminary survey. The opening to traffic is just around the corner; the MRT Corporation has prepared manpower for traffic operation and has conducted various drills. Announced a new uniform, which is expected to be completely changed from 2023, bringing a new look to the New Taipei City MRT system.

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The MRT Corporation pointed out that after releasing the new identification system in August and changing the costumes one by one, Kenny Yen, a well-known domestic fashion designer, was invited to design a new uniform, including driving, station service and maintenance, etc., boldly challenging colors and patterns, and The calm and introverted gray tone enhances the texture, supplemented by bright yellow details, which reduces the rigid and dull version of the uniform, and enhances the official recognition with more vitality.

The clothing design of the station staff and drivers starts from the concept of the M65 military uniform, with a waist drawstring design to make the silhouette more elastic. With the inner clothing, it can be adjusted neatly and has a slim line. The built-in vest can be worn alone or matched with a jacket , in response to Taiwan's changeable weather patterns, waterproof and breathable fabrics are used to resist humidity and rain.

The maintenance team wears work jackets that are easy to move around and fully loaded with functions. The exquisite shape and movable shoulders design improve the flexibility of stretching, and the work pants with shrink pockets increase the convenience of carrying equipment. It can also be worn and used.