Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama stated about the very real negative influence of the aggressor


on the countries of the Western Balkans.

That is why, he is convinced, Tirana should integrate more actively into the European Union.

The statement of the head of the Albanian government is cited by Euractiv.

"In Albania, nobody wants to know about Russia anymore because they had Stalin until he was 90 years old. They lost him before, now he's coming in through the back door, so the region has to stick together and stay together," Prime Minister Rama said.

According to him, Russian danger and influence are very real in many countries.

That is why it is necessary to promote European integration more actively. 

Edi Rama also added that Serbia should join the common policy towards Russia.

It will be recalled that earlier, the Ambassador of Albania to the UN, Ferit Hoxha, said that he was

tired of the meetings convened by the Russian delegation

regarding "biolaboratories" and "war mosquitoes" in Ukraine.

According to him, there is no violation on the part of Ukraine and the USA.

including about various pathogens and "mosquitoes".

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