Li Bingying, the convener of ACIP, was interviewed by the radio program "News Firecrackers".

(taken from the program screen)

[Reporter Lin Huiqin/Taipei Report] The Democratic Progressive Party was defeated in the nine-in-one election. Li Bingying, the convener of the vaccination group (ACIP) of the Ministry of Health and Welfare's Infectious Disease Prevention Advisory Committee, said in an interview with the radio program "News Firecrackers" that the election epidemic prevention is dirty. For several months, the election was stopped after the end. Obviously, it was not for the people, but for politics and to seize rights. However, these criticisms left doubts in many people's hearts. Pretend to cry, pretend to be sad", should be clear.

At the beginning of the show, Zhou Yukou asked "Are you sad?" Li Bingying replied "Lost", and mentioned that Chen Shizhong is a person who is willing to do things, but it is a pity that he thinks that the election results are not negating epidemic prevention, but some attacks on epidemic prevention have worked. No problem, but the criticism has left doubts in many people's minds, such as the government's protection of high-end products, and other abnormal channels for profit.

However, the governments of all countries strongly support domestically produced vaccines. Only Taiwan is a profit-seeking manufacturer, and these attacks are aimed at politics, not the people.

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Zhou Yukou believes that an election has caused Minister of Health and Welfare Xue Ruiyuan and Commander Wang Bisheng of the Central Epidemic Command Center to be labeled politically. The Democratic Progressive Party’s candidate for mayor of Taipei, Chen Shizhong, is relatively low-key, calling high-end Tuli and crew members 3+11 , Blocking the BNT vaccine, who the broker is, and other questions, I have been unable to explain clearly, and I really don’t take it seriously. Could it be that being beaten to the party in an election will be defeated?

Chen Shizhong should set up an office to explain the grievances and smears he received. The command center team was also scolded with bruises and faces, and many medical staff did not vote for him.

Zhou Yukou also mentioned that in hindsight, Chen Shizhong's team miscalculated the people's ability to interpret, and shouted, "What mistakes did you make yourself, and who did your team use wrongly?" What do you dare to do, only dare to love and tolerate, and you still need to heal your wounds. I solemnly said to the DPP, "Don't pretend to be dead, cry, and sad over there, a worthless stinky man." I don’t have any distress, I think he made a mistake, I have always cared about it, and one day I will explain his mistakes clearly, he harmed others, at least it harmed me.”

However, Zhou Yukou also believes that the voters in Datong District of Zhongshan will not be so indifferent when Wu Yinonghui, the candidate of the DPP Legislative Committee, is elected. The situation is also different from that of Chen Shizhong.

Regarding the attack on epidemic prevention, Li Bingying pointed out that the official answer cannot completely dispel the doubts of the public. Although they know that they are fine, they have been splashed with dirty water. For example, why announce the price of vaccines?

Will know what facts?

The fact is that business contracts must be kept secret, but the process will make the public feel problematic. Why must it be kept secret?

The influence is not only on Chen Shizhong, but on the whole of Taiwan.

Li Bingying believes that this epidemic is about to pass, and there will be another sudden epidemic in the future. At that time, we must consider whether there will be excessive political intervention?

Not only the high-end vaccines of the new crown, but also the Guoguang vaccine of H1N1 in 2009 are also criticized. Taiwan politics cannot objectively view epidemic prevention and domestic vaccines, and only criticize for political interests, not academic truth.

He pointed out that we should do a good review and explain all the details of the epidemic prevention. In particular, the dirty water was poured for several months, and the election was stopped. Obviously, it was not for the people, but for politics and to seize rights. Just like showing safety data, there are still people who do not take Guoguang's flu vaccine.