At 6:50 a.m. local time (5:50 a.m. Kyiv time), a powerful explosion rang out in the central part of temporarily occupied Sevastopol.

This was reported by the correspondent of the "Radio Liberty Crimea.Realii" project.

A few seconds before the explosion, there was a long sound, similar to the launch of a rocket.

The "Crimean Wind" Telegram channel, citing local residents, reports that "in the areas of Streltsk Bay and Lyotchikiv, car alarms went off as a result of the explosion."

The Russian authorities of Sevastopol, as well as the Ministry of Defense of Russia, have not commented on the situation so far.

Ukrainian officials and the military are also currently not commenting on the incident.

We will remind, on December 5, explosions occurred at the airfields in Diaghilev and Engels in Russia, as a result of which Tu-95 strategic bombers were damaged.

We should add that these airfields are located almost 500-700 km deep into the territory of the Russian Federation. 

Another explosion rang out on the night of December 6 at the airfield in Kursk.

Drone strikes were also reported there.

NATO Secretary General

 Jens Stoltenberg

commented on the "cotton" at Russian airfields and stated that Ukraine has the right to defend itself against brutal attacks by the Russian Federation, which leave Ukrainians without electricity, heating and water. 

In addition, Stoltenberg added that NATO should be prepared for a difficult relationship with Russia for a long time. 

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