Jingle Bells and Last Christmas are played in shopping malls and tourist attractions.

is a signal that

"Christmas 2022"

is almost here.

Although this festival is part of Western culture,

But it has influence on tourism.

It can help stimulate the economy around the world.

It became a time of relaxation that people came out to celebrate.

Have you ever wondered where this festival came from?

Solve your doubts from 7 interesting facts about Christmas.

1. The meaning of the word "Christmas"


(Christmas) is a day held to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

who is the supreme prophet of Christianity

Considered as an annual holiday that Christians attach great importance to, "Christmas" means "Worship the Mass of Christ" with the root word Christes Maesse because Christmas is a popular Christian day. Mass 

2. The history of Christmas

Even Christmas is held to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

But in the Bible there is no record of exactly which date.

The Christians believe that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Judea in the reign of Emperor Augustus of Rome. December 25 is the day of the celebration of the sun gods of the Romans.

But Christians in the Roman Empire regarded Jesus as the one who is above death.

and is the supreme prophet they worship.

Thus celebrating the birth of Jesus on that day instead, recording that 

the first official Christmas day took place in AD 336.

From then on, Christmas Day therefore falls on December 25 of every year 

3. What day is Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve) falls on December 24 every year.

Or just 1 day before Christmas because in Christian tradition

Christmas begins on Christmas Eve evening. Children hang socks in front of the fireplace to wait for gifts from Santa Claus.

In the morning, which is Christmas, the family members are gathered together.

Do activities and have a special dinner together.

The indispensable food menu is turkey and various types of drinks.

4. History of Santa Claus

A kind old man that children around the world have been waiting for.

Portrait of a fat old man wearing a red suit with a white beard.

Comes with a sleigh and a red-nosed reindeer.

Also known as "Santa Claus" became another image of Christmas, which actually Santa Claus was modeled from.

"Saint Nicholas", a Turkish priest

who is widely known as a good-hearted man

Later, the people of Holland called this saint.

"Sinterklaas" and Americans call it distorted as "Santa Claus", which is popularly called all over the world until today.

There is a story that

When St. Nicholas was still alive

He used to climb the chimney to give silver coins as presents to poor girls' houses.

But the silver coin fell into a sock hung in front of the fireplace.

It is therefore a starting point for children

They hung socks in front of the fireplace to wait for Santa Claus' presents on Christmas day.

Became the legend of the origin of Santa Claus.

and hanging socks

Did you know that the original image of "Santa Claus" was not a man in red as is understood, but in the 1930s the Coca-Cola Company painted advertisements about Santa Claus and Christmas?

by wearing a red dress like the brand's color

It became the source of the image that Santa Claus is an old man wearing a red dress.

5. What exactly is a Christmas tree?

The indispensable symbol on December 25th is the "Christmas tree" made of fir trees.

Because it is a tree that is easy to find in Europe and America.

Popular decorated with gift boxes and socks.

along with lit up with beautiful colors, but in fact, Christians in ancient times believed that the Christmas tree was

The tree in Paradise where Adam and Eve ate its fruit.

Currently, various types of trees are being introduced.

Decorate as a Christmas tree, such as the holly tree, which has thorn-like green leaves and bright red fruit.


Crown of Thorns and Drops of Jesus' Blood

There is also a Poinsettia tree that many people call a Christmas tree.

It has beautiful bright red leaves.

with a history that

A poor girl wanted to give a gift to the Virgin Mary.

but no money to buy gifts

So an angel appeared and gave her a seed.

When planted, it becomes a Poinsettia, making it called a Christmas tree (see the definition of Christmas tree decoration here).

6. Activities for Christmas 2022

Christmas is a festival surrounded by a happy atmosphere.

There is a celebration

Decorate the Christmas tree in different places.

And display a beautiful light and sound show. In the past, the Romans liked to give valuable gifts to each other such as food, sweets and gold, while Europeans often donated alms and gave gifts and belongings to the homeless.

Nowadays, it's a day for families to come back and celebrate together.

gifts are given

Send greeting cards, make pastries and have dinner, while the children gather to sing songs at homes and churches.

It is also popular to hang socks in front of the fireplace to wait for gifts from Santa Claus.

(Which is their parents) in front of department stores.

I set up the Christmas tree lights.

Supporting tourists to take pictures

7. Popular Christmas greetings

We often hear "Merry Christmas," meaning "peace." It's also sometimes said "Merry Xmas," since the Greek letter X is the first letter of "Χριστός," meaning "Christ." " There are also other greetings.

which are popularly given to each other at Christmas, such as

  • Happy Christmas

    - Merry Christmas

  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • Wishing you a prosperous New Year

    - Wishing you a prosperous New Year.

  • May Santa Claus bring everything you wished for. Merry Christmas

    - May Santa Claus bring you everything you wish for.

    Merry Christmas

  • Praying you have a wonderful Christmas filled with moments you'll always remember


    that you will remember forever

It can be seen that every important festival always has its origin and importance that reflects history, beliefs and way of life

. "Christmas Day"

is another festival with an interesting history.

And people around the world are paying attention...Merry Christmas 2022

Source: www.history.com