In response to the "increase" vote in the "Taiwan 2022 Representative Character Election", the Kuomintang said today that everything is "increased" and only the salary is "not increased".

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[Reporter Shi Xiaoguang/Taipei Report] Aiming at the election of "increase" in the "Taiwan 2022 Representative Election", the Kuomintang said today that everything is "increased" and only the salary is "not increased". The Democratic Progressive Party turned a blind eye, intending to use biased data to cover up the fact that the incompetence of governance has caused the people's life to suffer soaring. It is no wonder that the third of the top ten representative words is "cheat".

The party calls on the DPP to stop the deceitful means of political "deception", face up to the problems of soaring domestic prices and the stagnation of people's actual disposable income, and propose concrete and feasible solutions, which is the fundamental way to ensure people's lives are safe.

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The KMT pointed out that the DPP government is incapable of solving domestic economic problems, but it uses beautified data to deceive the public. The annual income reaches 519,000 yuan, but there is a "big difference" between the government data and the actual feelings of ordinary wage-earning families and young people.

The Kuomintang stated that the government has repeatedly released data without excluding extremely high incomes. It only takes the national average and cannot show the real majority of the society. Upstarts such as Zhao Yixiang, an interpreter who earns 150,000 yuan a month, will of course raise the national average, but can young people who work hard at the grassroots level really receive a monthly salary of more than 40,000 yuan?

The statistics that the Tsai administration has beautified are just deception and will not help solve the problem of generally low wages among young people.

The Kuomintang pointed out that according to Zhu Zemin, the chief accountant of the Accounting and Accounting Department, at the end of October this year, the domestic life pain index remained at a high level of 6.7%. The actual income of inflation has been reduced, and the pain of youth life has not diminished. The latest November consumer price index (CPI) annual growth rate was 2.35%, still exceeding the 2% inflation warning line. From January to September this year The average annual growth rate of monthly CPI is 2.97%, and the people’s suffering cannot be solved for a long time. The Tsai government must take full responsibility.