On the left bank of the capital, one of the utility generation facilities is still being repaired, so the residents of the left bank of Kyiv receive only 30% of their electricity needs.

Yasno CEO Serhiy Kovalenko announced this on Facebook.

"I will separately mention the left-bank Kyiv. Here, household customers receive

only up to 30%

of their needs, because one of the communal generation facilities is still being repaired. And the networks from other sources of generation are overloaded and cannot transmit enough energy to the left-bank areas. unfortunately, we do not yet know the terms of the restoration," Kovalenko said.

According to him, currently approximately

70% of the needs of

residential buildings in Kyiv are provided.

But all the same, emergency shutdowns are still in effect.

The maximum consumption of electricity in Kyiv

increased by 7%

compared to yesterday.

Local accidents

Kovalenko said that now there are a lot of local accidents in Kyiv, because the system cannot withstand constant activations and shutdowns.

The main reasons:

  • Automation does not work.

"That's why colleagues from power grids (DTEK "Kyivske Elektromerezhi") often have to go to some houses and connect them manually," explained Yasno's general director.

  • The situation is worsened by the weather.

  • The system is not designed for such a large number of on/off cycles.

  • Lag demand that occurs after long outages.

"This is when, immediately after a blackout, consumption increases a lot. Because in fact, you need to do a lot of things in time, because it is difficult to plan in conditions of emergency blackouts," Kovalenko notes.

Therefore, he once again called on users to be economical and responsible with electricity consumption, because the speed of infrastructure restoration depends on it.

As a reminder, DTEK warns that emergency power outages continue in Kyiv.

Schedules are not active yet.

Earlier, "Ukrenergo" explained that after the last missile attack, the energy industry needs a few days to restore the infrastructure in order to return to scheduled power outages.

According to experts, if Ukraine had won today, then the electricity shutdowns would have been abandoned in 2-3 months.

Yasno CEO warned that blackouts in Ukraine will last at least until March.

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