First of all, it is necessary to understand what

categories of suitability for military service

exist in Ukraine:

  • suitable for military service according to columns of the table of additional health requirements "A" 1-11;

  • temporarily unfit for military service and in need of treatment (dynamic monitoring) for a certain period;

  • subject to referral for additional medical examination and repeated medical examination;

  • unfit for military service in peacetime, limited fit in wartime;

  • ineligible for military service with exclusion from military registration.


Yuliya Zasoba, a lawyer at the NGO Legal Centurion,

told Army FM, the military medical commission (MMC) determines the degree of suitability for military service.

On the basis of its decision , a

conscript may be


  • suitable for military service;

  • temporarily unfit for military service;

  • limited fit for military service;

  • unfit for military service with exclusion from registration.

Yulia emphasizes that

limited unfitness for service is not a reason for postponement of mobilization or exemption from military service


However, it has its own peculiarities.

According to the order of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

No. 402

, persons with limited fitness for service cannot be attached to the fleet, highly mobile landing forces, marines or to perform duties in special constructions.

However, such conscripts can serve.


  • in subdivisions and parts of provision;

  • institutions, organizations and educational institutions;

  • military commissariats.

You can find out the degree of fitness for military service with the help of the Schedule of diseases, conditions and physical disabilities that determine the degree of fitness for military service, and the Explanations on the application of this

Schedule of diseases, conditions and physical disabilities that determine the degree of fitness for military service


Pravchynia notes that if you do not agree with the decision or conclusion of the VLK, you can


it to a higher level VLK or in court.

To do this, you need to file a lawsuit (to the court) or a complaint (to the higher-level VLK).

Available medical documents and a certificate from the military medical commission are also attached.

However, remember that

appealing the decision of the VLK does not stop its effect


If limited fitness was established during military service where it is impossible to perform duties due to the state of health, then, according to the lawyer, the procedure of transfer to security units (parts), organizations, institutions or educational institutions, military commissariats is initiated.