The police went to the video game arcade inside the Luk Fook West Gate building for inspection.

(Photographed by reporter Wang Guanren)

[Reporter Wang Guanren/Taipei Report] In view of Huang Mingzhao, the director of the Police Department, who announced that a systematic crackdown will be carried out immediately, the Wanhua Branch of the Beishi Police Department targeted the shooting in October this year in the middle of the night yesterday (7th). A random inspection of the commercial building involved in the case showed the determination of the police to never allow underworld forces to run rampant in the jurisdiction and purify the law and order in the jurisdiction with practical actions.

At around 11 o'clock last night in the Wanhua branch, the branch chief Xie Zonghong personally led a total of 60 police officers from the branch and the criminal squadron of the supporting police to go to the West Gate Building of Luk Fook to implement area blockade, spot checks and road inspections. Xie Zonghong also requested to Implement the crackdown on gangsters, eradicate gun violence, and curb the arrogance of gangsters.

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The Wanhua branch said that two shootings occurred in the building in May and October this year. The cause was the gangs "Wanguo Gang" and "Hegoukou". The location and company number are the gathering points where these two gangs operate, depend on, encircle, or depend on for a living

The police said that this late-night inspection will not only target the surrounding areas of the Luk Fook Ximen Building, but also target a total of 53 business premises within its jurisdiction that are concerned about public security.

In the future, the police will continue to conduct random inspections to sweep up illegal gang activities, and actively collect evidence related to crimes to organize criminal investigations and clean up the law and order in the jurisdiction.

The police went to the hotel in the West Gate Building of Luk Fook for inspection.

(Photographed by reporter Wang Guanren)

The police conduct road inspections around the Luk Fook Ximen Building.

(Photographed by reporter Wang Guanren)