The cannabis war between Bhumjaithai and the Democrat Prachada type does not hold back.

will have an effect on being a ruling party

Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha and how much the election in the southern region should not blink

political goals of

Bhumjaithai Party

that was aimed at

Occupy the Northeastern region

as much as possible by sucking as many MPs from

the Pheu Thai

Palang Pracharat

Party as possible because of the bases of MPs from both parties

Comes from the same base, which is the North, Central, Bangkok, Northeast, doing it, doing it, going down, absorbing the MPs in the southern area.

Especially the Andaman coast

who are proud of Thailand to plant a flag

Not only the parties that were affected were

Palang Pracharat

and Pheu


, but also the


who were affected by the vote base in the South.

Democratic contenders in the South

Who owned the original area became Pracharath Power, Bhumjaithai and Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party.

not for thai

Assuming that the suction really achieved the goal,


, led by

Anutin Charnvirakul

and Principal

Newin Chidchob

, should get 60-70 seats of MPs for the district, along with the list of MPs.

Expected that 100 seats were not ugly, so it was seen that Proud Thai would also come into the plan to cut the land slide for Thailand.

It turns out that the affected political parties are



Palang Pracharat


United Thais create a nation

With political conditions,

how many MPs are

proud Thais getting?

How many land slides can be extracted?

Ruam Thai Sang Chat has only a lot of opportunities to become a government.

including political opportunities

General Prayut Chan

-o-cha as well

And between the Ruam


Sang Chart and

Democrat Party

, it has been a bore to each other since the past.

Since the chairman of the party advisor

to the party level

Executives from both parties were unable to look at each other.

is the origin of the undercurrent in this government

Looking at political cards from being Prime Minister for just over a year from General Prayuth

That has to be exchanged for 250 senators in the House of Representatives.

Therefore, Democrats must suppress Thai pride.

The plan that General Prayuth will hold the government until almost the end of the term

There should be no problem on the side of the Pracharat power.

The ruling party has no problem.

MPs in the House of Representatives should not be a problem.

The opposition is no problem.

How long will the government stay, it will only benefit the opposition's vote, endure another 3-4 months in exchange for the benefits currently received, especially MPs who do not know what the next election will bring come back again or not

The big question is at the third P. How much longer will the waves withstand each other.

iron fist