On Armed Forces Day, Ukrainian military pilot Major Vladyslav Voroshilov with the call sign Karaya reminded of the price of freedom for Ukrainians and published a photo of his wound after completing the mission.

This is stated in Voroshilov's Instagram post.

Lyotchyk wrote congratulations on the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and emphasized that the defense forces of Ukraine stand in defense not only of their country, but of the entire civilized world. 

"This is a shield that protects the Western world from a horde that leaves behind only chaos and destruction. But

this protection costs the sons of Ukraine dearly

, so it must be understood and remembered," Voroshilov emphasized.

He published a photo with his face covered in blood, taken after completing the task, so that people would be aware of what the Ukrainian military has to face.

"Everything is very nice in the video of the flights, the planes are flying, the missiles are fired, but, unfortunately, 

there is no understanding of what is happening behind the scenes

, so I decided to post the photo without editing," the pilot said.

Photo from the Instagram page of Vladyslav Voroshilov

We will remind, in October, during an enemy missile attack on Vinnytsia, Vladyslav Voroshilov was able to destroy five kamikaze drones of Iranian origin and two missiles.

After that, the MiG-29 pilot ejected, taking the malfunctioning plane to a safe distance from the city.

The man was hospitalized.

The Air Force reported at the time that Voroshilov had completed the main task.

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