NATO countries are considering the possibility of allocating funds to Ukraine from the monetary fund, which was supposed to support the Afghan security forces.

This money can be provided to Ukraine in the coming weeks.

This is reported by Politico with reference to five Western officials. 

Money from the Afghan National Army Trust Fund was used to equip and train the country's troops before the Taliban took over.

By this time, the Fund was



The alliance worked to create a mechanism to transfer money back to individual countries or adopt a new target for the funds.

It is noted that NATO officials have been discussing the possibility of using Afghan funds for Ukraine for more than a month.

According to two Western officials, Kyiv has asked NATO countries to consider transferring

part of the $3.4 billion

to help fight Russia. 

The redistribution of Afghan funds mostly does not cause disagreements in the Alliance.

Each donor country decides for itself how to use this money.

Some NATO countries are considering the possibility of using part or all of these funds for Ukraine.

But some countries are facing

growing tensions

at home about providing new aid to Ukraine at a time when they themselves are experiencing high inflation and rising energy prices.

According to the publication,

at least one country

has already committed to allocating its share of the fund for Ukraine, while for many other allies this issue will remain a matter of discussion after the money is returned to the national treasury.

The US is not a member of the Afghan National Army Trust Fund.

But the Biden administration urged its European partners to continue helping Ukraine, despite growing financial difficulties.

Ukraine and NATO: the latest news

Earlier, Politico published an article about the fact that in a number of Western countries, the topic of Ukraine's accession to NATO is "forbidden".

At the same time, the Alliance, commenting on the "cotton" at Russian airfields, recognized that Ukraine has the right to defend itself against Russian attacks.

NATO also warned that the Kremlin is trying to freeze the war in order to prepare for a new attack.

Meanwhile, the famous Austrian military expert Tom Cooper believes that NATO has no idea how to end the war in Ukraine.

Oleksiy Arestovych, OP adviser, supported this opinion, stating that the Alliance does not have a war strategy in Ukraine.

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