Many twists and turns for the final round of 16 teams on Tuesday night, "Fierce Bull" Spain, one of the favorites this year, had to pack his bag home after losing 1-3 on penalties to Morocco after a draw.

In 120 minutes, 0-0, allowing the "Atlas Lions" to meet Portugal in the final 8 teams on December 10.

but really take it in

For the author, it's not surprising because after watching Spain play every game, he sees the same problems.

As it is, that is the finish.

Even if it is a team that passes the ball so beautifully that the opponent cannot easily take the ball.

or up the game beautifully

But in the end it didn't finish the score.

The other part that is a problem is the body of Luis Enrique, the Spanish national team coach.

Who is too self-confident in selecting players, only young and inexperienced players than veteran players who are in good form and full of experience to go to "World Cup 2022" in Qatar

Football fans suspected from the beginning that David de Gea, the sticky Manchester United and Sergio Ramos, the defender of PSG.

Like Thiago Alcantara, Liverpool midfielder.

Why is there no name

In spite of before the World Cup, all of them were in extremely good form, especially the first 2

But Enrique turned a blind eye to the player who should not be in the squad, like Eric Garcia, who is not superior.

Ramos at all.

Better than just being young and fresh

As well as the 3 goalkeepers attached, no one can compare to De Gea.

The midfield adds another Thiago.

Choose to remove the offensive line that has up to 8 people, probably no one will say

Because the call is really beyond what is necessary.

I don't call any seasoned players when it comes to the World Cup.

Enriquedan has another love child in mind: Sergio Busquets, the captain who was in poor form for Barcelona but instead started in a better manned position. Rodri

And also afraid that the city will send Rodri to stand at center half alongside Aymeric Laporte, and then choose many center half to just fill the seats??

That's not enough, Gabi and Pedri give him the starting line-up in every match, even though when he's played, he sees that the more he plays, the more he plays.

Should let Koke be the real one, come down to adjust the dimension in the middle of the field

But Enrique only has Busquets, Rodri and Pedri in his head!!

In the end, it was Enrique who was trapped in his own confidence until it was the reason why the "fierce bull" only went so far in the round of 16 teams that he could not blame anyone but himself!!

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