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On Thursday - December 8, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., traffic will be gradually restricted in both directions on the "Hemus" highway, from the zero to the ninth kilometer, in the Sofia region due to road testing, the Road Infrastructure Agency reports (API).

First, traffic will be restricted from the eighth kilometer to the zero kilometer of the "Hemus" highway in the direction of Sofia, and the traffic will be redirected from the "Yana" road junction at km 8 along the first-class road I-1 Gorni Bogrov - Dolni Bogrov - to the road connection with "Hemus" at the zero kilometer. 

From 10 p.m. today until 2 a.m. tonight, traffic will be restricted through the "Vitinya" tunnel on the "Hemus" AM

After the completion of the activities in the road to Sofia, traffic to the capital will be restored and traffic in the direction of Varna will be limited from the first to the eighth kilometer of the "Hemus" highway.

Traffic will be diverted along the first-class road I-1 Sofia - Dolni Bogrov - Gorni Bogrov - to the "Yana" road junction of the "Hemus" highway, where traffic will continue on the highway.

The API reminds that it is necessary for the drivers to follow the traffic signals and the instructions of the control authorities.

Yesterday, API reported that there are 12 open bids from participants in the public procurement for the overhaul of the "Topli Dol" and "Praveshki Khanov" tunnels on the "Hemus" AM.

The indicative value of the order is BGN 75,475,000 excluding VAT.

With the implementation of the repair works, the necessary conditions for traffic safety in the tunnel facilities will be ensured. 

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