The Rufiji Regional Police Force is holding 65 suspects for various crimes including the criminals who were arrested with the equipment of the electricity project in the Mwalimu Nyerere Dam.

Giving the information today, December 7, 2022, Rufiji Regional Police Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police ACP Protas Mutayoba has noted that the Army conducted a strong operation in the region and succeeded in capturing a gas cylinder that was going to the Nyerere dam project.

In addition, Commander Mutayoba has said that the Army has also succeeded in arresting drug suspects, motorcycles used in criminal incidents.

In another incident, Kamnda Mutayoba said that the Army is holding one suspect for the crime of being found with government loot and traps to trap the animals.

Where he has noted that when the investigation is completed, the report will be sent to the National Life Office for further action.

At the same time, Mutayoba has explained that the Army conducted a road safety operation where four thousand and thirty five offenses were committed for various offences.

ACP Mutayo has given permission to all citizens of the Rufiji Police Region to provide information on crimes and criminals to the Army so that strict legal measures can be taken against those criminals.