The air force airport deep in the heart of Russia was attacked. Western officials believe that this move will bring huge psychological pressure to Russia.

The picture shows the Engel base where the Russian Air Force parked bombers.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The Russian Ministry of Defense accused the Ukrainian military of sending drones to attack the Russian military airport, causing 3 deaths, 4 injuries, and damage to 2 bombers. However, the two attacked airports are hundreds of kilometers away from the border, and the Ukrainian government has not yet admitted It was the work of the Ukrainian army.

Western officials pointed out on the 6th that if the Ukrainian military is really responsible for the attack, it will bring strong psychological pressure to Russia and force them to think about how to ensure the safety of long-range bombers.

According to a Reuters report, the two bases attacked by the Russian army were the Dyagilevo base in Ryazan region and the Engels base in Saratov region. Although Ukraine did not respond to the attack Responsible, but "very happy" for the attack on the Russian military base, Russia may launch another large-scale attack on Ukraine in the future as retaliation.

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An unnamed Western official pointed out that the attack was the most in-depth strike since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. If it was done by Ukrainians, it means that they can operate in Russia at will, which will make Russia very angry. worry.

Western officials pointed out that after the attack, the Russian army may have to move the long-range strategic bombers parked at the Engel base. "This will definitely make the Russians realize that not all places are safe."