Survey of maize production and marketing situation

in Nakhon Ratchasima and Loei Province, a large source of maize production in the Northeast

The Bureau of Agricultural Economics Research team found that in the 2022/23 production season, both provinces have a total planting area of ​​maize for animal feed of about 0.98 million rai, representing 14.46 percent of the entire country's cultivated area.

was decreased by 2% from the previous year

due to higher production costs.

from the price of inputs such as seeds, chemical fertilizers, insecticides and weed killers

Including the continuously rising fuel

Farmers therefore changed the area to plant cassava that is low cost and has better returns.

The total output of the two provinces is expected to be 0.74 million tons, representing 15.02 percent of the total national output, a 1.33 percent decrease from the year 2021/22, with the output of both provinces starting to enter the market during the period.

June 2022-May 2023

but will produce the most output in Nov. 2022 to 46.68 percent of the total output of the 2 provinces

As for the price that farmers can sell at the farm, the moisture content is not more than 14.5%, during the time when the production of maize for animals in both provinces was released to the market the most, it was found that the price was higher than last year.

This is because the production of maize for animal feed is still insufficient to meet domestic demand.

In addition, the price in the world market has continuously increased.

from the situation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

that has no tendency to cease

The price that farmers sell on average is 10.28 baht per kg, 17.35 percent higher than last year.