Pingtung City Cups come in a set of 2, and the gift box packaging is also very special.

(Photo courtesy of Ping County Government)

[Reporter Luo Xinzhen/Pingtung Report] The Pingtung County Government recently launched the "Xu, A Cup of Happiness" city cup cultural and creative companion gift, which incorporates Pingtung's representative local patterns, such as bluefin and sika deer jumping on the cup.

County magistrate Pan Mengan said that "Xu, A Cup of Happiness" is a homonym for "a lifetime of happiness", hoping that everyone who receives the cup will be full of happiness.

The aesthetics of the public sector in Pingtung County has subverted many people’s imaginations in recent years, from the county government business card full of regional cultural characteristics, the fashionable county government monthly AMAZING PINGTUNG, to the travel brochure "40 Meters Under the Sea" that presents a colorful ocean world with hand-touch illustrations, The creativity of the Pingtung County Government has been well received. This time, the design of the City Cup with Pingtung's characteristic elements is also full of deep meaning.

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The Office of Communication and International Affairs of the Ping County Government pointed out that the body of the Pingtung City Cup is made of Morandi green and blue which are popular nowadays, echoing the mountains and seas limited to Pingtung, and the metal badges inlaid on it are also matched with ancient gold. The mountains and seas are presented in ancient red copper color, and the unique products of Pingtung are transformed into thumbnail symbols for presentation. There are hidden mysteries in the picture. The bluefin jumping out of the sea forms a "P", the sika deer at the foot of the mountain forms a "T", and "P&T" "Represents the abbreviation of PINGTUNG.

In addition, the gold paint on the handle and the mouth of the cup enhances the texture of the cup.

"A cup means a lifetime, and the little pair of cups is full of blessings." Pan Mengan said that the city cup gift box comes in a set of 2. Taking "Xu, a cup of happiness" means that he hopes to give Pingtung's blessings to Everyone, when the recipient is using the cup, he can feel the warmth and warmth of Pingtung.

The gift box packaging of "Xu, A Cup of Happiness" city cup is also very special. The handbag outer bag packaging is simple and fashionable. It is made of lightweight felt and is matched with high-quality PU leather handbags. The taste is hard to put down; the exquisite photocard is also translated into English and Japanese versions, and it can be used as a souvenir when the county government handles marketing activities or receives international guests in the future, which is very meaningful.

The communication department stated that the gift box packaging of "Xu, A Cup of Happiness" city cup has not been sold to the outside world, but in order to let the public have the opportunity to get this exquisite cultural and creative gift, it will be available in the communication department and iPingtung ~ Love Pingtung Facebook held a lottery event, promising people a cup of happiness.

Pingtung city cup full of texture.

(Photo courtesy of Ping County Government)

The Morandi blue of the Pingtung City Cup is paired with the pattern of bluefin tuna jumping out of the sea.

(Photo courtesy of Ping County Government)