The Ministry of Health

recommends regional military administrations to consider the issue of suspending planned operations in connection with mass shelling by the Russian army.

The decision was made because the health care system is being prepared for a possible additional load due to power outages.

This is stated on the website of the Ministry of Health.

"Planned operations (those that do not require immediate intervention, as there is no threat to life or significant deterioration of the patient's health) and planned hospitalization to health care facilities are temporarily suspended. They will be carried out when the energy supply situation stabilizes and, accordingly, the possibility to provide the necessary medical care at the appropriate level to a larger number of patients," the message reads.

Despite this, the ministry emphasizes, all emergency medical care will be provided to patients in full.

Also, emergency interventions and urgent operations will be carried out in due time.

The Ministry of Health emphasizes that only a doctor can make a decision regarding the planning or urgency of an operation.

"Due to the threat of a blackout, the Ministry of Health has already developed an action algorithm for medical institutions to prepare for and respond to a possible interruption of energy, water and heat supply, including providing the necessary assistance to patients in emergency situations," the ministry notes.

We will remind you that earlier the head of the Ministry of Health, Viktor Lyashko, said that hospitals in Ukraine will not be closed even in blackout conditions.

However, medical institutions will need to reduce the number of rooms used.

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