The leading evening news   

   on December 7   

Additional expenditures under the budget of the Ministry of Defense have been approved

The cabinet released money on the first installment for the purchase of the second 8 F-16 fighter jets


The Parliamentary Committee on Energy accepted in the first reading that the government can appoint a special manager in "Lukoil-Neftohim Burgas" or another enterprise that is part of the critical infrastructure in the country.

This will happen in three scenarios: abuse of a monopoly position,

EU or UN

sanctions , as well as

in the event of a fuel crisis

in the country.

The Energy Commission adopted a bill on state supervision of "Lukoil" in the first reading


Kambarev, PP: Radev's raised fist was just a facade


The annual ranking of the most searched words on Google in 2022

is out - the #1 topic in Bulgaria is

the war in Ukraine, and the most searched person is Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Only after him are politicians and popular personalities such as

Lena Borislavova, Simona Radeva, Kiril Petkov, Vezhdi Rashidov,

according to the aggregated data from Google Trends.

What Bulgarians Googled in 2022: Putin replaced Lena Borislavova



Starting tomorrow, December 8, trams will be running on line number 5 along the route from "Macedonia" Square to "Ovcha Kupel" Blvd.

Trams on line number 5 will start running tomorrow


Time magazine has chosen Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as its Person of the Year for 2022, citing that he has inspired Ukrainians and won global recognition for the courage shown in resisting the devastating Russian invasion, Reuters reported. 

Refusing to leave the Ukrainian capital after war broke out and Russian bombs rained down, the

former comedian rallied his compatriots via video calls from Kiev and began traveling across the battle-torn country, the US magazine said. 

Yesterday, Zelensky visited Ukrainian military personnel stationed near the front in eastern Ukraine.

Volodymyr Zelensky is Time magazine's "Person of the Year"


Turkey offers to send floating power plants to Romania and Moldova to supply electricity to Ukraine,

said Zeynep Harezi, the executive director of Karpowership, a Turkish company operating floating power plants, in an interview with Anadolu Agency, quoted by BTA.

Turkey will supply electricity to Ukraine


What did they think, what happened...

They are digging trenches in the Belgorod region

British military intelligence: Russia is strengthening its defense positions on the border with Ukraine


"The man who yesterday opened fire on police officers in the southern Russian city of Novoshakhtinsk, near the border with Ukraine, worked for the private military company Wagner," Ukrainskaya Pravda wrote.


deserter was detained this morning

after a large-scale operation by law enforcement officials," the media added, citing authorities in the Rostov region.


The shooter is a former prisoner and after his release was sent to the front line in Ukraine


The man who shot at Russian policemen yesterday is an ex-prisoner from "Wagner"


The news underscores the intentions of Afghanistan's new rulers to continue the hardline policies

implemented since they took over the country in August 2021 and

stick to their interpretation of Islamic

Sharia law.

The Afghan Taliban carried out the first public execution since taking power


Prince Heinrich XIII of the Reus family is believed to be the alleged leader of the group that wanted a violent change of power.

He and his relatives owned estates in the modern-day East German province of Thuringia.

According to media from the Federal Republic, the

nobleman from last summer got carried away by conspiracy theories


"Malzack-Winkemann has

been announced as foreign minister

in the government designed by the extremists," the BBC also pointed out.

A former deputy is among those detained for the coup plot in Germany

The prince of the coup plot in Germany - a relative of the Bulgarian queen