The High Court and North Court held a ground-breaking ceremony in the Huashan Judicial Park, and Xu Zongli, President of the Judicial Yuan, delivered a speech.

(Photo by reporter Wang Yisong)

[Reporter Wen Yude/Taipei Report] The High Court and the Taipei District Court will be relocated to the former site of Huashan Station in the future. Today at 11:00 a.m., the "Huashan Judicial Park Tree Protection, Transplantation and Restoration and Platform Demolition Project" kicked off. At the ceremony, President Huang Guozhong of the North Court said that the two courts, regardless of the number of cases they carry or the large number of personnel, and the new civil official system that will be launched next year, will definitely not be able to support it based on the existing space. This is the reason for the demolition plan. Successively proceeded smoothly.

The guests attending the meeting in the morning can be described as a "star-studded" judiciary.

Including President of the Judiciary Xu Zongli, Vice President Cai Jiongdun, Secretary-General Lin Huihuang, President of the Supreme Administrative Court Wu Minghong, President of the High Court Li Yanwen, President of the Intellectual Property and Commercial Court Chen Junbi, President of the Taichung Branch Gao Jinzhi, President of the Judges College Zhang Shengxing, and prosecutors of the Higher Prosecutors Office Chief Zhang Douhui, Prosecutor General Lin Bangliang of the Taipei District Prosecutor's Office, Chen Yanxi, Chairman of the National Bar Association, Fan Ruihua, Chairman of the Taipei Bar Association, Lin Junhong, Chairman of the Taipei Branch of the Legal Aid Foundation, and others.

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In his speech, Huang Guozhong first thanked Xu Zongli and other officials for their support and assistance in this project; Huang said that in the face of historical relics and the footprints of predecessors, one should be grateful and protect them with a humble and open-minded attitude, because they left invisible, Tangible assets enrich our cultural heritage, expand our perspective, and cultivate our connotation.

Huang Guozhong said that at the early stage of planning and design, he hoped to integrate historical relics and modern buildings to jointly create a multi-faceted "judicial trial and humanities education park". Therefore, the protected trees on the base were first transplanted and restored, and The platform will be kept in a different place, and will be reshaped at the intersection of Civic Avenue and Linsen North Road in the future.

Xu Zongli also said that in the past 30 years, the number of judicial cases across the country has increased sharply, and the number of people and judicial personnel using the courts has increased significantly. , with the strong support of President Tsai Ing-wen, the two courts will be stationed at the former site of Huashan Station in the future.

During the ceremony, there were also links such as "Auspicious Lion Presentation", "Blessings and Blessings", and "Ground Breaking", and finally ended successfully with a group photo of the presidents of the courts.

The High Court and North Court held a ground-breaking ceremony in the Huashan Judicial Park, with national judges Wu Wenru (from left), Ouyang Yi, and Zhao Shuyu.

(Photo by reporter Wang Yisong)

The former site of Huashan Station.

(Photo by reporter Wen Yude)

The trees in Huashan Judicial Park will be transplanted and restored.

(Photo by reporter Wen Yude)