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The Parliamentary Committee on Energy accepted in the first reading that the government can appoint a special manager in "Lukoil-Neftohim Burgas" or another enterprise that is part of the critical infrastructure in the country.

This will happen in three scenarios: abuse of a monopoly position, sanctions by the EU or the UN, as well as in the event of a fuel crisis in the country, explained the initiator of the bill, Ivaylo Mirchev from the parliamentary group of "Democratic Bulgaria".

He pointed out that the goal is for the special commercial manager to be able to take over operational control for 6+6 months - a maximum of 1 year.

He will be proposed by the Minister of Economy, and this manager will not have the right to dispose of property.

The goal is not to nationalize the refinery in Burgas, but not to cause a crisis on the fuel market in Bulgaria, Mirchev pointed out.

According to him, in this way, a tool will be given to the government, which, if it decides, can use it.

If the government decides, it will not take operational control of the refinery, he added.

The bill provides that in the event of a fuel supply crisis, the state can take over operational control of the "Lukoil Neftohim Burgas" refinery.

However, the proposal is such that these texts can be used when it comes to any other enterprise that is part of the country's critical infrastructure.

The expected effects are a reduction in fuel prices in the country upon assuming operational control or only after discussions in the refinery, which will know that the Bulgarian government has this instrument.

Mirchev hopes that with the good work of the government, the payment of taxes by "Lukoil-Neftohim Burgas" will improve.

"We are in no hurry to take operational control over the refinery, the only urgency is to provide a tool to the government that it may use. But in no case do we want this to happen immediately," Ivaylo Mirchev presented his party's idea.

DB calls on the state to take operational control over Lukoil

The former Minister of Energy during the time of Borisov's government and current deputy from "GERB-SDS" explained that there is a similar analogue in the Law on Energy.

It states that when it comes to objects of the energy infrastructure, which are part of the strategic and critical infrastructure of the country, when there are certain hypotheses related to national security or a systematic violation of the law, then the state has the right to introduce the figure of the special governor.

Mirchev replied that the bill can be refined between the first and second reading.

The special commercial manager will have to have a legal or economic higher education, as well as experience in a managerial position, notes BTA.

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