Almost a hundred Russian munitions arrived in Esmansk during the day, and the enemy fired a total of 226 mines and projectiles on populated areas of Sumy Oblast.

The Russians shot several villages with mortars, "Hrads" and barrel artillery.

A 69-year-old local resident was injured.

For the second day in a row, the border community of Myropolska also suffered from enemy attacks.

The building of social services without a single surviving window, under such conditions people still work there, TSN reports.

The occupiers shelled the center of the village with mortars.

Enemy mines landed on several streets at once.

6 buildings were damaged - broken walls, roofs, a gas pipeline was broken.

Several shells hit near the center for the provision of social services.

As soon as the workers of the center began to clean up the debris, it started to explode again.

"All the windows on the first and second floors are broken, there is a hole in the door, and there are holes in the walls from shrapnel in the room," they say.

What could be covered with a film still works.

They don't even think about leaving home and work because of shelling.

"This is my native house, my native land and my native land, and I am not going anywhere.


and we do it like this: it was overblown, we hid, we ran to work.

That's how we live," the workers do not complain. 

 The center registers families with many children, pensioners with disabilities - those who need daily care or help at home.

"We transport - a 20-kilometer border zone.

70 villages.

Why - because there are shelling here every day.

If it is dangerous here, no one will come here.

And we are safe, we are volunteers", - jokes volunteer Mykhailo.

13 social workers and volunteers support each other and hundreds of those who need help.

They also believe in victory and a return to a peaceful life.

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