Warnock's victory means that the Democratic Party will have a two-vote majority in the new Senate.

In the current composition of the Senate of the US Congress, both parties had fifty seats.

Even a slight change in the balance of power in the Senate will allow the Democratic Party to take the leadership of the Senate committees into their own hands and turn them into a counterbalance to the committees of the House of Representatives, where the majority was obtained by Republicans, who announced their intention to conduct investigations into the activities of the administration of Democrat Joe Biden.

The majority in the Senate will give the Democrats more opportunities for legislative activity, since previously the refusal of even one member of the Democratic faction to support the bill threatened its failure.

It was a runoff election in Georgia.

During the midterm congressional elections held on November 8, none of the candidates for the Senate from Georgia received the necessary 50 percent of the state's electoral votes to win.

Raphael Warnock was first elected to the Senate two years ago.

Then the seat in the Senate became vacant after the early retirement of Senator Johnny Isaacson.

The candidacy of Gerschel Walker, a former American football star, was actively supported by Donald Trump.