The police seized escaped foreign migrant workers in the apartment.

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[Reporter Yan Hongjun/Changhua Report] When the Xihu Police Branch of Changhua County was investigating a telecom fraud case, it was discovered that the fraud group specially recruited escaped foreign migrant workers as drivers in order to evade police investigation. Later, they went out to withdraw money. The police used them to order food delivery and arrested them. After the police interrogated the whole case, they transferred five people, including Chen Suspect, on suspicion of fraud, drug crimes and violations of the "Money Laundering Prevention Act". There is no way.

This group of riders hides in an apartment building, where they live and eat on weekdays. The special team of the Xihu branch found that some of the members of the group are escaped foreign migrant workers. Foreign migrant workers ride electric bicycles to withdraw cash, which can get rid of the police. Second, foreign migrant workers have foreign accounts, which increases money laundering channels and makes it difficult for prosecutors and police to lock and trace the money flow.

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After checking the surveillance cameras, the Xihu police found the vehicle involved in the case, and reported it to the command of Chen Yian, the prosecutor of the Changhua District Prosecutor's Office. At 10:00 a.m. on December 5, they discovered that the cash withdrawal driver appeared in front of a building on Wener Street, Xihu Township to pick up the panda. Meals, immediately stepped forward to arrest the driver to the case.

The police found out that the driver was a Vietnamese immigrant surnamed Li who had escaped for one and a half years. The police took him upstairs and went straight to the "driver's room" on the 4th floor with a warrant. Chen Nan, the driver of the fraud group, and the group Members Hu Nan, Yang Nan, and the missing migrant worker Ruan Nan hid in the toilet of the suite. Stolen evidence such as multiple mobile phones, warning account ATM cards, laptops, and an air pistol were seized at the scene.