A point of invincibility the size of an entire city, where street battles are fought around the clock, at minimal distances, to the accompaniment of powerful explosions, is about Maryinka, in Donetsk region, which the Russians actually destroyed, says TSN. 

Among the ruins of high-rise buildings there and the remains of the foundations of private settlements, the soldiers of the 79th Airborne Assault Brigade continue to defend and assure: the enemy does not control Maryinka.

"These were once multi-story buildings, people lived in them.

Well, there, in general, the whole of Maryanka, it is almost destroyed, there are practically no buildings left in which you could live", - say the military. 

This place is marked on maps as the ten-thousandth Maryinka, and in 10 months of 2022, the Russians turned it into a stone desert.

From the outside, it seems that there is nothing alive left, but about ten percent of the former inhabitants who refuse to evacuate still survive in the Mariinsky dungeons. 

From Maryinka to Kurakhovo, there is not a single populated place where enemy artillery shells, Hradi, Smerchi, and Hurricane rockets did not fly.

Maryinka itself is literally wiped off the face of the earth by the enemy around the clock.

Man-made phosphorus precipitation falls here at night, and enemy aircraft shoot down the city and nearby rear villages from the sky several times a day during daylight hours.

"In the morning today, two BMP 2 of the enemy left to divert our attention, so that the tanks passed along the left and right flanks of our defense," the soldiers said.

According to the first tank of the occupiers, which advanced from the left flank, the calculation of the 79 anti-tankers from the "Javelin" worked exactly.

Another enemy tank did not drive beyond the camouflaged mine barrier.

But the foreigners did not rest on that.

"The enemy used 5 more tanks, spread them to the sides and began to inflict fire damage on our positions," says serviceman Mykola of the 79th ODSHBr.

It was not possible to ask the Ukrainian paratroopers to apply a convincing sedative twice.

"As a result, the tank attack was repelled, two tanks were destroyed!

They always have the letter "Z".

And today, on the barrel, they saw the inscription: "DNR", - the soldiers say. 

In addition to enemy armored personnel carriers, Ukrainian paratroopers and enemy infantry were "sliced ​​up".

They don't take "two hundred"!

"Two hundred" remain there.

And they take the "three hundred" there, but not always," the fighters say. 

Our paratroopers are certain, destroyed enemy infantrymen, who were left by their own, next to knocked out tanks, are "chmobikes".

They usually come forward in a green uniform and are not very trained in camouflage.

"They go in groups, about 12-15 people, it's stable for them.

And they are advancing steadily, approaching our positions," says a serviceman of the 79th ODSHBr "Pakhan".

Between the ruins of Maryinka, a completely different war is going on at close range.

"Shooting battles are taking place.

At all positions, on the territory of Maryinka.

With the support of artillery.

The battles go house to house, up to 50 meters away.

Sometimes, even closer.

They don't try to go around it somewhere, but really go head-on - along the central streets," says soldier Roman. 

Among the remnants of urban development, Roman says, there are real and fierce street battles.

"Indeed, street fights are taking place.

There is no time to maneuver.

Mostly it is from outside the house, they move around the buildings and fire from the buildings, on the streets," the soldiers assure. 

Many times a day, the Ukrainian defense line in the city is not attacked by "chmobikes".

"Now they are going distributed.

They are operating on the left flank, most of them are mobilized.

In the very center of Maryinka, the personnel military of the Russian Federation, or PMC, operates.

Their typical weapon is the AK-12, which means they are well prepared," says serviceman Mykola of the 79th ODSHBr.

There is enough between the occupiers and fighters in black, with a characteristic speech, who can be either from the private army or the units of "Akhmat", the military is convinced. 

But it doesn't make much difference to them, the Ukrainian paratroopers admit, which enemy to beat.

It is not too important, Mykola assures, what kind of Ukrainian weapon it is - accurate automatic shots or well-aimed strikes of Ukrainian artillery "minus" the enemy.

"They are trying their best to approach our positions, but they are not succeeding.

They get it in the teeth and go back," - assures serviceman Mykola of the 79th ODSHBr.

The situation in Mariintka, our military does not hide, is very difficult.

However, paratroopers assure: the enemy has already broken many teeth against the city.

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