"It is very easy to find drugs around the schools in Blagoevgrad", this is what high school students from the regional center told BNT.

The twelfth-graders, named Martin and Nicola, shared that they had been offered more than once, both by dealers outside the school and by their friends who had already become intimately familiar with drug addiction.

"They are walking around. I have observed them by the barracks, behind the fence, some stand outside and get used to students or talk to each other on the phone in advance, make calls," explained Martin.

"As far as I know, they go somewhere, exchange money, shake hands with a package of drugs and they're done," adds Nikola.

The director of the National Humanities High School in Blagoevgrad, Marin Mitov, has repeatedly reported the sale of drugs to the police in the area of ​​the school.

In one case, he himself witnessed a transaction.

"I caught them while they were exchanging something near the car I had parked next to. I just went to the car and saw them," Mitov said.

The main victims of dealers are children who are not under parental control, as well as those who have behavioral problems.

They caught a 16-year-old with two types of drugs

The drug market in Blagoevgrad is mainly flooded with cannabis, which costs less.

Synthetic drugs are also modern, BNT added.