NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg believes that the end of the war of the aggressor


against Ukraine will not lead to the normalization of relations with the Kremlin.

He expressed this opinion in an interview for the Financial Times.

"We need to realize that when this war ends, it does not mean that we will be able to return to some good or normal relations with Russia," says the Secretary General.

According to him, the Alliance tried to interact with the Russian Federation before the war and "solve the security problems raised by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin." 

Stoltenberg is convinced that Moscow's decision to invade Ukraine will have long-term consequences.

That is why the North Atlantic Alliance should be ready for difficult relations with the Kremlin.

"And this means that we need to invest in our defense," Jens Stoltenberg emphasizes.

It will be recalled that earlier the Secretary General stated that

Russia was seeking a peace treaty in order to buy time

and go on the offensive again in the spring.

In his opinion, there are currently no conditions for a diplomatic solution to the war in Ukraine, because Russia does not show any signs of interest in this.

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