Dong Zuo's special assistant was involved in the theft of eggplant trees to pay off debts, and his appeal against the sentence of the Kaohsiung Higher Branch Court was rejected.

(Photo by reporter Bao Jianxin)

[Reporter Bao Jianxin/Kaohsiung Report] The special assistant named Pan, the director of the Eight Great Forest Magic Park, was accused of stealing a 180-year-old eggplant tree in the park to compensate for the project cost. He was sentenced by the Kaohsiung High School Branch for violating the Forest Law. In July, he The appeal was dismissed and he will be imprisoned for execution.

The verdict pointed out that starting from June 10, 2019, the defendant with the surname Pan served as the supervisor of the Bada Company and concurrently served as the special assistant to the chairman of the Bada Forest Magic Park, Chaozhou Road, Chaozhou Town, Pingtung County. With the approval or consent of the county government, no trees shall be felled or moved arbitrarily.

Later, a manufacturer surnamed Cai prepared the land for the construction of the park. Pan Nai signed a contract with him to compensate 150,000 yuan with an eggplant tree in the area. At 9:00 a.m. on November 19 of the same year, a driver was hired to dig up the eggplant tree and carry it away.

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Pingtung Chaozhou Sub-bureau received the report, and the investigators searched and seized the eggplant tree along the line. The whole case was transferred to the Pingtung District Prosecutor's Office for investigation and prosecution based on the crime of violating the Forest Law. He refused to accept the appeal and asked for a lighter sentence.

The Kaohsiung High School Branch judged that the eggplant tree had been planted back to its original place, and that Pan handled business for the company, received no salary, and did not receive any benefits, which met the requirements of "compassion and mercy". The sentence was changed to July and the fine remained unchanged.

Pan still refused to accept the appeal, and the Supreme Court held that there was nothing wrong with the original judgment, so it was up to him to reject it.