An 18-year-old man in India, Zubair, sneezed once while walking, and then fell into a coma within a few seconds. He was rushed to the hospital and died.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] An 18-year-old teenager in Uttar Pradesh, India was walking and chatting with several friends. Unexpectedly, he sneezed once in the middle of the walk, and suddenly fell unconscious on the ground a few seconds later. He was rushed to the hospital and died. Recently, the scene of the accident has been released on social media platforms, causing many netizens to repost and pay attention.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the 18-year-old teenager Zubair (Zubair) and three other friends were walking and chatting in a certain alley in Meerut City on the evening of the 2nd. It can be seen from the video that Zubair suspected of sneezing on the way. He began to feel unwell, and stretched out his hand to support the shoulder of the friend next to him, and then he was unable to stand still and swayed. After a few seconds, he passed out directly on the ground. Seeing this, the friend next to him hurried forward to check and found that Zubair had disappeared. Consciousness, immediately sent to a nearby hospital for treatment.

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It is reported that although Zubair was sent to the hospital at the first time, he was still declared dead after being rescued by doctors. It is speculated that he died suddenly due to a sudden heart attack, but the hospital did not confirm it.

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— Shubham shukla (@ShubhamShuklaMP) December 4, 2022