The German government arrested a total of 25 members and supporters of the far-right group "Reich Citizens" on the 7th. Prosecutors accused them of preparing to violently overthrow the government.


[Compilation Zhou Hongwen/Comprehensive Report] The German government arrested 25 members and supporters of the far-right group "Reichsbuerger" (Reichsbuerger) on the 7th. Prosecutors accused them of preparing to violently overthrow the government, and some members were even suspected of planning an armed attack on Germany Bundestag.

The descendants of the "House of Reuss" (House of Reuss), who used to have large territories in eastern Germany, are self-proclaimed founding leaders and have approached Russian lawmakers.

A spokesman for the German military intelligence revealed that the detainees were surprised not only to see the former aristocratic "Royce family" member "Heinrich XIII PR" (Heinrich XIII PR), but also the former right-wing populist party "Germany Alternative". "(AfD) MP, a current judge; another active-duty member of the German Army Special Forces Command (KSK) and several reservists are under investigation.

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Heinrich XIII PR came from an old aristocratic "House of Reuss" that ruled parts of the modern eastern state of Thuringia until 1918.

All male members of the family are named Heinrich plus a number.

According to reports, in addition to organizing a shadow government, the organization planning to overthrow the government also plans to establish a military branch. Active and former military members are an important part of the coup plan, including former elite soldiers from special forces.

Prosecutors allege that the military's goal was to eliminate democratic institutions at the local level.

Prosecutors allege that these people have been operating since at least late November, including purchasing equipment, recruiting new members and holding shooting courses, with a focus on military and police officers.

The 11 German states dispatched more than 3,000 police and security forces to arrest them from all over Germany and neighboring Austria and Italy.

Prosecutors pointed out that the authorities mentioned "Heinrich XIII PR" who was in contact with Russia as the core figure of "Reich Citizens" and the future founding leader of the group, but there is no evidence that Russian MPs responded positively to him.

The Royce family distanced themselves from him, saying he was a muddleheaded man chasing conspiracy theories.