In the Dominican Republic, relatives retrieved the body of Margarita Rosario, who died 10 years ago, from the grave.

They were shocked by the fact that the deceased was almost perfectly preserved. writes about it. 

In the city of Jarabacoa, relatives exhumed the body of Margarita Rosario, who died 10 years ago.

They were surprised by how perfectly the woman was preserved.

The body still had hair, some skin, and strong bones.

So the corpse could even stand on its own. 


Locals filmed a video from the cemetery, which shows a man holding a corpse and a woman putting a nightgown on the deceased.

People noticed how perfectly the body of the deceased was preserved.

Residents of the city noted that Margarita was a good person during her life and never did anything bad to anyone.

Others were shocked by the fact that relatives disturbed the deceased. 

The family did not say why they exhumed the body. 


It will be recalled that archaeologists unearthed several ancient 


with golden tongues in Egypt.

The find was discovered in the Kuweisna necropolis, located in the central part of the Nile Delta.

Also, during archaeological excavations, experts found the body of a 900-year-old woman.

She died at the age of 17-25 and was buried in a canoe. 

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