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The senior leadership of the Armed Forces has the honor and responsibility to develop modern defense capabilities, to ensure a high level of military training and compatibility with allies, and to continue to convince the state leadership of the need to accelerate the modernization of the Bulgarian Army.

This was stated by President Rumen Radev

Rumen Georgiev Radev is a Bulgarian military man, major general from the reserve.

A former commander at a ceremony awarding Bulgarian servicemen with a senior officer rank, the presidential press office announced.

With his decree, the president dismissed Major General Mikhail Popov as commander of the Ground Forces and appointed him to the position of "Deputy Chief of Defense".

The head of state honored him with a senior officer title of "lieutenant general".

Brigadier General Deyan Deshkov was relieved of the position of "Commander of the 61st Mechanized Brigade" and by decree was appointed as the Commander of the Ground Forces.

He was awarded by the president with the highest officer rank of "major general".

President Radev will honor Bulgarian military personnel with a senior officer rank

The President has appointed Colonel Ivan Ivanov as Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations at the Headquarters of the Multinational Corps Southeast in Sibiu, Romania.

At the ceremony, the head of state awarded him with the senior officer title of "Brigadier General".

"The new ranks and appointments are an expression of recognition for your professional, commanding and leadership qualities, for the work and efforts over the years for the development of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria," the president pointed out.

According to him, the modern global security environment places increasingly high demands on the stability and effectiveness of the command structure.

The head of state wished the servicemen health, will and energy for the development of the Armed Forces and raising their authority. 

On behalf of those awarded the senior officer rank, Lieutenant General Mihail Popov assured that they will continue efforts to accelerate the modernization of the Bulgarian Army and will work professionally in fulfilling their duties.

Rumen Radev

Bulgarian Army