Russian dictator Vladimir Putin called the war in Ukraine a "war" for the first time and blamed Ukraine for it.

He stated this during a meeting of the Russian "Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights" in response to a question by former Ukrainian journalist Kyryl Vyshinskyi, whom the SBU suspects of treason.

"The war was not started by us, but in 2014 after the "coup d'état" in Ukraine. It was started by the Ukrainian authorities at the time, which entered the corridors of this authority with the help of a "coup d'état" to suppress the expression of will of the people who lived in Donbas," he said. Putin.

He accused Ukraine of "ignoring Russia's interests in protecting the Russian-speaking population of Donbas."

We will remind that the Russian dictator is meeting with the members of the so-called Human Rights Council of the Russian Federation.

According to Russian opposition Telegram channels, Putin himself approved the list of guests and questions before the meeting. 

"The current composition of the RPL is 100% loyal to Putin," the message reads.

We will remind that at this meeting the dictator threatened that the threat of nuclear war is growing.

He also told how many mobilized occupiers are fighting in Ukraine and assured that there will be no second wave of mobilization in the Russian Federation yet.

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