The founder of "Wagner" PMC, oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, criticized the Russian security forces for detaining the company's mercenary Pavel Nikolin, who fired a machine gun at policemen in the Rostov region.

Prigozhin's statement was published by his press service.

Note that Russian propaganda called Nikolin a deserter.

He wounded a policeman, and the very next day he was detained at an abandoned pig farm in the Novoshakhtinsk district.

The founder of "Wagner" declares that it is too early to say whether Nikolin is really a deserter.


Perhaps he was wounded, received a severe contusion, as a result of which he went mad

or was disoriented - he did not understand where he was. And in his blood-stained eyes, the policemen seemed to be soldiers of the enemy, dwarfs or cosmonauts," Prigozhin is quoted as saying by his press service.

He also expressed his indignation at the fact that a photo of Nikolin was published on social networks, for which the oligarch accused the police.

He advised them instead to go to the front and "instead of this prisoner die on the battlefield with a weapon in his hands", and he

compared the detained mercenary to John Rambo

from the famous movie "Rambo. First Blood".

"I want to recommend the movie "Rambo.

First Blood", where Colonel Troutman explains very well how to catch people who left the battlefield with weapons: "What do you and the special services suggest we do with this psycho of yours?

- Let him go.

- What to do?

Defuse the situation, forget about it.

Leave a small loophole and let him slip out.

And then advertise on the national wanted list.

Pick it up somewhere in Seattle at a car wash in a few weeks.

There will be no struggle and no one will be hurt," Prigozhin's press service said in a statement. 

Commenting on how an armed mercenary of the "Wagner" PMC ended up in Russia, the company's founder hinted at poor border protection.

It will be recalled that on December 6, it became known that in the Russian city of Novoshakhtinsk, a man in camouflage fired at policemen with a machine gun, as a result of which one of them was injured.

The shooter turned out to be a convicted robber who was recruited to the "Wagner" PVC.

Some media called him a deserter.

The mercenary was detained at an abandoned pig farm.

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