The reconstruction and elevation of the Dengzikou Bridge on Taiwan Highway 17 and the improvement works on connecting roads such as the approach road of Ping 73 Line have been completed and will officially open to traffic at noon tomorrow.

(Provided by the Three Works Office)

[Reporter Chen Yanting/Pingtung Report] The Dengzikou Bridge on Provincial Highway No. 17 is an important bridge that enters and exits Donggang Town from the Linbian Interchange of National Highway No. 3, but the flood elevation is insufficient. The government's "Forest Drainage System Improvement Plan" is in charge of reconstruction. It started on April 28 last year. After 1 year and 7 months of construction, it is expected to open to traffic at 12 noon tomorrow.

The low-lying terrain around the Linbian Punzaikou Bridge, coupled with the drainage from Xinpi and Nanzhou brought by the upstream Nanpi, will flood the road for many years, even if it does not rain, the road may be flooded, and every typhoon will become the media Flooding must go where the scene is shot, and the residents are miserable.

Pingtung County Mayor Pan Mengan actively sought improvement after taking office, communicating with the Mipeng Bay National Scenic Area to widen the wetland drainage ditch, and also coordinating with the Highway Administration to raise the bridge deck.

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The Third Engineering Department of the General Administration of Highways pointed out that the reconstruction of the Dengzikou Bridge on the Taiwan Highway 17 and the approach roads on the Pingtung Highway 73 will be improved together. During the construction period, we would like to thank the Pingtung County Government for assisting in the land acquisition of the road, the assessment and compensation of the ground objects, and the processing along the line. Communication and coordination of residents' opinions and other matters allowed the project to be completed smoothly.

The Sangong Office said that the Chaozhou Public Works Section has cooperated with the Pingtung County Government's "Flood Hazard Control Plan for Flood-prone Areas" to carry out bridge reconstruction and road elevation projects since 2018, and has successively completed the new construction of the Niupu Shuhong Bridge and the Dapeng Bay Section of Taiwan Line 17. Elevation, heightening of Linbian interchange road section of National Highway No. 3, reconstruction of Changyuan Bridge, and elevation of Qiangyuan and Liugen village sections of Jiadong Township.

The Sangong Office said that after the renovation of the Dengzikou Bridge on Taiwan’s 17th Line is completed and opened to traffic, it can effectively improve the flood control, disaster resistance, and earthquake resistance of highway bridges, avoid traffic interruption during flood seasons or earthquakes, improve disaster relief efficiency, reduce the risk of rainwater in the vicinity, and at the same time protect the surrounding areas The accessibility of residents' health and medical care has positive benefits, improving the safety of the living environment and the quality of life.