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A lot of people, including me, are very upset.

For two months now, MPs have been mocking us, and we take their mockery very seriously.

You can't nominate Gabrovski and talk about Messi, Mozzi and Gonzo.

This is how you put a worthy professor into a caricature frame.

DB said that the nomination of Prof. Gabrovski is a wink to the BSP.

You must be very crazy to say such things, especially when you helped Rumen Radev to be elected for a second term and hugged him. 

This was stated in the show "Face to Face" on BTV by the leader of the KOD party

Conservative Union of the Right - KOD - is a right-wing political party. Its leader is former and former Minister of Health Petar Moskov

Dr. Petar Stefanov Moskov was born on December 17, 1970 in Sofia. Petar Moskov graduated on the occasion of the nomination of Prof. Nikolay Gabrovski for Prime Minister with the mandate of GERB. 

Prof. Nikolay Gabrovski is the nomination of GERB for Prime Minister, he accepted the mandate from Radev

"Prof. Gabrovski's nomination is a chance to solve the problems of people and people, but it can also become a fig leaf for GERD. I hope it is the first. He is a decent and honorable person, as well as a very good professional. The behavior the people in the parliament the last two months are disgusting. These people don't want to govern and it's easier for them to explain why and who prevents them from governing. These people take BGN 15,000 a month and make fun of us. All this disgusts the people ", he was emphatic.  

Who is Prof. Dr. Nikolay Gabrovski

"GERB's move with the nomination of Prof. Gabrovski is a chance to have a government. I am far from thinking that they are some kind of angels and everything is only for good, but it is a fact that this is how the real problems of the people. All politicians must be responsible if another public authority will be brought down because of their dirty political games," explained Petar Moskov

Dr. Petar Stefanov Moskov was born on December 17, 1970 in Sofia. Petar Moskov graduated. 

Peter Moskov