Out of three thousand inhabitants, now only 170 have returned after the liberation of Kherson, we are talking about the village of Posad-Pokrovske, which was at zero all these months.

The occupiers bombed and burned the village in an attempt to knock out our defenders from the outskirts, but were unable to advance the front line.

The village was completely burned down, people came to it again to rebuild their mutilated land, TSN reports. 

A man and his granddaughter returned from Vinnytsia to their destroyed village.

"You know, the native walls are warm, now we collect everything we can collect. I don't know what to do with the house, if there is no help, we will be building it for another thirty years," says the man.

Not a single surviving house on the street, solid fires and chimneys.

Scattered gas cylinders and chests of burnt metal.

The village of Posad-Pokrovske was on the front line.

"Two mines made of phosphorus, everything burned inside, the metal melted," - say the locals.

Those who have already returned to the village are looking for houses that are at least slightly livable.

"We group up, we do something, we covered someone's roof, we helped someone build a roof. This is how we live in a group, all of us from different houses spend the night in one, the one that is more or less intact, we sink small houses, this is how we live," people say.

 Natalya is 23 years old, she left with her mother, grandmother and grandfather in a bullet-ridden car at the end of March, when the village was already being destroyed by Russian aircraft and artillery.

The girl is probably the youngest of those who returned to her native village.

He wants to arrange at least a room for his relatives to return because they miss home very much.

"There is a certain strength of spirit, cohesion. The war brought us together, we are like one family, 170 of us. The main thing is not to lose heart, to believe that everything will be fine, everything will be in Ukraine, we believe in the Armed Forces," she says.

Only a piece of the wall from the veranda remained from the fence.

A woman who spent her whole life building her house came to the door and almost fainted.

There are walls left from the family nest and they can fall at any moment.

"We lived here for 32 years, we had pine trees here, we decorated the whole village for the New Year, the whole village was happy, the children left the kindergarten and were happy, and now you see what they have done.

We have to get out, the veranda burned down, the kitchen burned down, it's terrible," Nataliya says.

Residents who have returned are walking along the same paths, although the sappers have passed, the nooks and crannies of the village are still full of ammunition.

Silrada helps with wood chips, wood and film.

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