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We expect that there will be a reaction from the government of the Republic of North Macedonia in order to reach a European decision on the functioning of clubs created by citizens of the country with a Bulgarian national self-awareness, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria Nikolay Milkov at a press conference today

Nikolay Milkov was born on December 10, 1957 in Sofia.

He graduated from the French High School in Sofia, BTA reported.

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When asked what will be the future of the already established Bulgarian clubs, whose names fall within the scope of the law on associations and foundations as unacceptable and which have a three-month period to change their names or they will be deleted from the Central Register in the country, Milkov expressed hope, that the Bulgarian clubs will be able to function normally.

"They are becoming more and more, and this is a good sign, because people with Bulgarian national self-consciousness see an opportunity through this way of association to protect their interest related to ethnic identification, and we expect the Republic of North Macedonia to provide a normal environment for their functioning, for to be a bridge, not an occasion for division and hate speech", said Milkov.

The search for the attackers who shot at the Bulgarian club in Ohrid continues

The Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs is on a working visit to Skopje, during which, together with his colleague from the Republic of North Macedonia, Buyar Osmani, they opened a business forum with the participation of over 150 Bulgarian companies, the two laid flowers at the monument of St.

Kliment Ohridski, as a joint celebration of the day of Kliment Ohridski, also met with the Speaker of the Parliament of the country, Talat Xhaferi.

Relations Bulgaria - Republic of Macedonia

Nikolai Milkov